I don’t make the food, I just eat it!
— Bryson Baby CEO

Our Story

Meet Bryson! The true inspiration behind our creative cafe. Also the youngest restauranteur in the world!

Bryson set out to make a unique and fun cafe with creative and bold flavors. A “not your average” cafe featuring food with personality, just like him! When it came to the menu, Bryson also insisted we incorporate some of his favorite foods!

One of his favorite foods, for example, are avocados! After all, what kid doesn’t love fresh avocado? At Bryson’s you can add fresh avocado to just about anything including our made to order grilled lunch wraps, which is our featured lunch entree.

He also loves waffle french fries so we found a way to add that on the menu as well. Of course we had to elevate the flavor to accommodate all ages, so we added our special and top secret seasoning to make our waffle fries unique!

Bryson loves to live life without boundaries or restrictions so Bryson insisted we serve breakfast all day! No cut off times for breakfast for you and no bedtime restrictions for him!

Lastly, when Bryson told us he wanted something fun on the menu. We came up with our world famous warm ice cream sandwiches! Yes thats correct a cold scoop of ice cream squished between two freshly baked warm cookies. Sweet! Just like Bryson!